The 12 Schedule Views

Schedules are created weekly (usually on the By Helper schedule view) but there are many ways to display your schedule.  These range from daily to one or more weeks, monthly, etc. and they can be viewed as a calendar, list, chart, or graphically. Most views have a Change Layout link that allow configuring that view and printout.

Schedule Views

Standard Schedule Views

  • Calendar Daily - Planner layout with helpers listed for each hour
  • Calendar Weekly - One of our most popular. Weekly view in calendar format with many change layout options. Can group shifts by Position or Category 
  • Calendar Monthly - Similar to monthly calendar. Can group shifts by Position or Category 
  • By Position - Daily & Weekly Tabs - Lists shifts by Position. Shows total shifts and hours for each Position 
  • Graphical - Daily & Weekly Tabs - Shows shifts in a graphical format similar to a spreadsheet. Layout can be changed to only show certain time period - grouped by Helper or Position.
  • Category Chart - most useful if you use Categories, providing a compressed chart for time periods between one week and a month.
  • In-Out Time Chart - similar to Category Chart, but shows the time the first shift starts and the time last shift ends for the day. This view is useful if you schedule helpers to multiple shifts per day.

Special Schedule Views

  • By Helper - Default "editing" Weekly view. Lists helpers down the left. Shows their schedule for the week and if the week is published, shows icons for each helper if they have viewed, been emailed, and confirmed receipt of their schedule.  Allows drag and drop of shifts and quick editing (the Quick Shift Edit window also allows you to change the shift's Position). You can also Ctrl Drag/Drop to quickly make copies of shifts.
  • Availability - Daily - Graphically displays all helpers - the shifts they are helping for overlaid on their help time preferences and shows time off and the counts for coverage and availability. Layout can be changed to only show a certain time period - specific time periods can be saved for quick viewing later.
  • Sortable List - Daily & Weekly Tabs - List of Shifts can be sorted by any column. Also allows for deleting and unassigning multiple shifts. Can be filtered to show only Unassigned Shifts, Auto-Filled Shifts or Preplaced Shifts. Also used to Analyze Shifts to check for any conflicts.
  • Multi-Shift Edit - Daily & Weekly Tabs - (List of shifts can be sorted by any column). Allows editing of multiple shifts at one time. Can be filtered to show only Unassigned Shifts, Auto-Filled Shifts or Preplaced Shifts. 
  • Statistics - Shows at-a-glance statistics about the daily, weekly, or monthly schedules. On published weeks, this view shows whether or not helpers have viewed or confirmed receipt of that schedule. You also can see who is over max hours and if any overnight shifts are affecting those. The monthly view also allows you to set "target hours" for the month so that you can, for example, track the scheduled monthly hours for part time helpers.

Any Schedule View can be filtered to only show certain Positions, Position Groups, and/or Categories, Category Groups (Locations, Departments, etc.)