- Delete / Unassign Multiple Shifts

To delete or Unassign a single shift, simply click on the shift to open the Shift Change window and then click the Delete button or set the helper to None. The Sortable List weekly Schedule View can be used to delete or Unassign (clear) a number of shifts all at once.

To Delete Multiple Shifts

  • Use the Clear/Delete button 
    • On UnPublished weeks, you can filter your display and then delete shifts for just that Position, Categories, Groups, or delete an entire schedule using the Clear/Delete button. 

Use the clear/delete button

OR use the SORTABLE LIST view to check off shifts to delete or Unassign
From any schedule view:

1. In the schedule view dropdown, choose Sortable List (this schedule view can be sorted by any column)
2. Check the boxes next to the shifts you want to delete (at the bottom of the page is a "Select All" link)
3. Click the Delete Selected Shifts link

Sortable list view delete shifts

If you make changes to a published schedule, the affected helpers are automatically sent notification messages if the "Send notifications" box at the top of the page is checked and if the helper has chosen that notification.