- Automatic Notifications Sent

WhenToHelp can be set up to automatically notify helpers when there is a new published schedule or when their published schedule has changed. When adding an email for a helper, the notifications are defaulted to 'None'. Each helper has a Notifications page where they can enter their own emails and text message addresses and choose which events trigger an email sent to each address. (Coordinators with permission to edit helpers can also view and set up these notifications for helpers from the Helper details page or on the Notifications Grid).

You can stop automatic notifications from being sent out at all when Publishing & Unpublishing by changing that global option on your SETTINGS page. This option can be turned On and Off at any time and the change goes into effect immediately.

Stopping Notices when Changing Shifts on a Published Schedule
When changing a shift on a published schedule, you can check or uncheck the box for sending notifications to affected helpers. A useful Schedule View when making multiple changes to a published schedule is the Multi-Shift Edit Schedule View which allows you to change a number of shifts, set whether or not to send notifications, and then Save Changes all at once. Note: these check boxes all default On or Off according to your SETTINGS page Publish/Unpublish notification option choice.

Forwarding to Email
W2H messages can be viewed when users sign in to WhenToHelp.com. Messages can be forwarded to the user email if their email address is entered into the system, and they choose that option on their Notifications page. (Separate notification options can be set up for each email and text message address entered). 

On the Statistics and By Helper schedule views, you can see the status of whether helpers have been schedule was emailed emailed the schedule, confirmed receipt of email confirmed receipt of email, or has viewed this schedule has signed in and viewed the schedule.