Browser Issues - Spyware/Adware

Browser problems - checking for Spyware/Adware Malware programs on your computer

If you have problems with your browser or computer freezing, or your browser getting stuck when you are accessing our site, it is likely due to your computer being inadvertently infected with a malware program that is interfering with access to secure (https) sites such as ours. This can happen in a variety of ways, including opening infected email attachments. This is more likely to be a problem if you are using Internet Explorer.

Firefox users do not normally have these problems so a temporary work-around might be to download and access our system using Firefox until you can get your computer problem corrected. Firefox is free and can be downloaded here.

If you have these types of issues, we recommend that you run one or more anti-spyware/malware programs on your computer to detect and remove any offending programs.

We do not endorse any particular program, but below you can click to PC Magazine reviews of free anti-spyware programs.

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