**Helpers with Tradeboard trouble?

Why isn't a Helper able to trade shifts?

If a shift is not showing on the Tradeboard, it might be due to one of the following reasons:
  1. The week the shift is in has not yet been Published 
  2. The Helper is not navigated to the correct week of the Tradeboard display 
  3. The Helper is not able to help for that position (Helpers can only see shifts on the Tradeboard for positions they are able to help). 
  4. Your Settings>"Global Helper permissions" option is not set to allow helpers to see & pickup unassigned shifts 

If your Helpers trying to use the Tradeboard are having trouble getting their own shifts to appear on the Tradeboard, here are some possible reasons:
  1. The Helper is using a popup blocker that is not allowing the popup to post the shift to appear. 

  2. The Helper is trying to post a shift in the past (only future shifts can be posted) 

  3. The Helper is not clicking on their own shift, or understanding how to use the "Trade my Shifts" section to post their shift. 

Note that the request to trade or cover shifts will not appear on your Coordinator's Pending Trades page until another Helper clicks on the shift the first Helper posted and offers to help the shift.

Coordinators only see requests between Helpers when the Helpers themselves have both agreed to the requested trade.

For instance, if Helper A posts a shift1 to trade onto the Tradeboard, then another Helper B has to click on the shift on the Tradeboard and offer their shift2 in trade. Then Helper A has to approve the request to help shift2 for their shift1, and then once they do THEN the request will appear on your Coordinator Pending Trades page awaiting approval. So perhaps your Helpers are not completing the approval of the trades being offered.

There is more information on how trading works on our Helper Help page here.