TIME OFF - Coordinator-Entered

Coordinator-entered time off immediately unassigns the helper from any overlapping shifts and sets those shifts to be unassigned. When a helper requests a time off and the coordinator approves it, the helper is also unassigned from any overlapping shifts. Time off can be added to unpublished or published weeks as far into the future as you like.

Time Off can be created in two ways:

  1. Helper can sign in and enter a time off request which is then sent to the Coordinator to approve or deny.
  2. Coordinators with permission can enter Time Off for the helper using the Time Off section or, more quickly, by clicking the corresponding cell for the helper and day you want to add the Time Off on the By Helper Schedule View.

Coordinators can add a time off three different ways:

  1. To enter Time Off for a Helper using the BY HELPER schedule view: 
    From the By Helper Schedule View:
    • Navigate to the correct week
    • Click the cell that corresponds to the day and helper to open the Quick Shift ADD window
    • In the upper right, click the "Add Time Off" link
    • On the calendar, click the day to start the time off and then enter the number of days off in a row (or choose a partial day off and enter the times and weeks to repeat) and click the Add New Time Off button
Add time off on the by helper view

  1. OR To access the Time Off window from a Helper's details section: 
    From any page: 
    • Click on the Helper name to open the Helper Details window
    • Click the Time Off tab
    • Click the ADD/Delete Time Off button
    • Click the date on the calendar for the date you want (if you have problems viewing the calendar, you can enter a date manually using the following format: mm/dd/yyyy).
    • Choose whether the time off is for a full day or a partial day 
    • Enter details as to how many days you are granting off (or for a partial day - what the begin and end times and how many weeks to repeat) 
    • Type any comment regarding the time off 
    • Click the Add New Time Off button
    • The Time Off is added and if the Helper has set their notifications to notify them when a time off is added or approved, they will be notified by email or text message.

add time off by helper details