Cannot Help vs Time Off

Cannot Help Times are for times when you do not want AutoFill to assign a certain Helper. They are normally set by the Coordinator but you can also let Helpers choose their own Cannot Help times on your SETTINGS>Global Helper Permissions page.* Cannot Help times are entered from the "Edit Helper" window by setting the times or day blocks to Red in the Help Time Preferences grids.

Cannot Help time preferences are also viewable when you are manually assigning a shift.

You can compare your current shift assignments with current Helper Cannot Help times using the ANALYZE SHIFTS option on the Sortable List page. Sometimes Helpers may change their preferences after you have AutoFilled or assigned shifts in the schedule, so it is always good to periodically ANALYZE your schedule weeks to see if any conflicts have come up.

Note: Changing a time to Cannot Help does NOT remove the Helper from any already assigned shifts - it only prevents them from being assigned at that time in the future by AutoFill.

Time Off can be requested by Helpers and can be set for any number of days in a row. Time Off can also be set for partial days off (and even be repeated for up to 15 weeks in a row - which works well for students taking classes). Coordinators can enter Time Off from the top menu, or from the Helper details page or by clicking that Helper and then their Time Off tab. Creating or approving a time off automatically REMOVES THE HELPER FROM ANY OVERLAPPING SHIFT.

AutoFill - Both Cannot Help times and approved Time Off prevent AutoFill from scheduling that person during those times.

*Import - When you Import a schedule leaving the shifts assigned - any shifts that are assigned to a Helper during their approved Time Off are automatically set to Unassigned. Import DOES NOT unassign helpers based on their Cannot Help times. Cannot Help times are only adhered to by AutoFill.