- About the Main Coordinator

Each WhenToHelp account has one Main Coordinator that has the ability to add, edit, and delete additional coordinators and set their permissions, and that person is the only one who is authorized to make global changes on the account (schedule start day, etc.). The Main Coordinator is normally the person who first set up the account, unless another coordinator has been approved to be swapped in as Main Coordinator.

main coordinator

To Change the Account Main Coordinator:

  • If the Main Coordinator on your account is no longer with your organization and you know their sign in information, you can sign into that account and on the Settings>Organization/My Information, change the Main Coordinator name and email information.
  • If you do not know the Main Coordinator sign in information, any other coordinator can sign in and click to Contact WhenToHelp and request that another coordinator on the account be made the Main Coordinator. 
In order to verify a request to change the Main Coordinator, we need to receive a confirmation email from:
  • the existing Main Coordinator
  • the person who paid for the account
  • or the verifiable owner/director of your organization
The Main Coordinator will see the list of existing coordinators and a link to add and edit coordinators on his or her Settings>Add/Edit Coordinators page.