**Coordinators can be signed in at once?

How many Coordinators can be signed on and working on their Helper's Schedules?

You can have an unlimited number of Coordinators and they can all be signed in at the same time using their own username/password.

A username/Password should NEVER be shared. Always add each user as a new Coordinator or Helper so that you can track who made changes and also so that no errors are caused by two people signing into the same users account making changes at the same time.

In the top menu, hover over SETTINGS and choose Add/Edit Coordinators and enter the additional Coordinators and click edit to set their sign in permissions (ex.  Can they approve time off, edit Helpers ,etc).

Each additional Coordinator will have their own Coordinator Username and Password (in addition to their Helper username if they are also a Helper), and there is no limit to how many Coordinators you can add.