- Send Individuals Schedules

View / Print / Send Individual Monthly & Weekly Schedule

Helpers can sign into their account and print their weekly or monthly schedule online - this ensures the helpers are always viewing their most current schedules. In some cases, you may want to print a monthly schedule for one helper. This can be done from that helper's "Helper Details" window.

Helpers can also set their Notifications so that they automatically receive their schedules via email when each week is published or changed.

Also note that you can print individual WEEKLY schedules for all helpers on separate pages using the By Helper Schedule View using the Change Layout Link to choose that print option.

To print or send an Individual Helper's Monthly or Weekly Schedule:
From any page:

  • In the top menu, click HELPERS
  • Click the magnifying glass icon next to the helper name
  • Click the Schedules - Preferences tab if it is not chosen
  • Click the View MONTHLY or View WEEKLY link centered above schedule to update the view
send individual schedule monthly or weekly

  • You can use the "Print Schedule" button at the bottom of that window for a printer friendly version of that display