- Statistics MONTHLY View

The Statistics Schedule Monthly view shows at a glance various statistics about the monthly schedule and each helper. This view can be filtered by Position and Category to give specific statistics for particular Jobs or Locations and you can turn on and off the various statistics columns using the Change Layout link and also set to list helpers with no shifts.

This view allows you to quickly see if anyone is scheduled over their set target hours per month. Those target hours can be set for any helper using the Target Edit button. This can be useful if you need to have certain part time helpers only scheduled under a certain target number of hours per month.

stats view monthly

This view also shows:
  • Shift Summary with: 
    • Total shifts (assigned and unassigned) for the month 
    • Total hours assigned for the month 
  • Helper Summary with: 
    • Each helper's total number of shifts and hours for that month
    • Each helper's scheduled hours over set Target Hours maximum per month

Setting which information displays on the Monthly Statistics View:
On the Statistics Schedule View page: 

  • Click the Change Layout link in the upper left of the page 

stats view monthly config change layout

  • Check (uncheck) the box next to Show Cost for the display and/or the Printout 
  • Click the Save button 
  • Note that this option may not be available to all coordinators (the main coordinator sets that permission)

Statistics can also be printed and exported for a specific date range (Custom Reports) using the Reports section.