- Overtime Hours

Overtime Hours - Viewing Who is Over Max Hours, per Day, Week, or Month

AutoFill will not schedule any helper over their set maximum hours per day or week.

Helpers could end up with overtime hours:
  • If a coordinator manually assigns a shift that puts the helper over their maximums (and overrides the warning)
  • If a schedule week or template is imported with assigned shifts that are over max
  • Helpers who are allowed to cover shifts "At Will" could potentially end up with hours over their max if a coordinator approves it
  • If a coordinator approves a trade or pickup that puts them over their weekly maximum
  • If a coordinator edits a helper's shift start or end time (check Shift History for log of actions)
You can see helper total hours scheduled for the week on the By Helper and the Statistics Weekly schedule views.

To view hours over maximum:

On the Statistics schedule view, you can see the "Hours Over Max" for each helper in red if they are over their maximum per week. You can choose to view Statistics for a Day, Week, or Month (monthly view also allows you to set a target maximum hour per month).

overtime hours statistics view

You may also use the Reports section to create export files of assigned shifts totals for any date range and then open that file in spreadsheet program (like Excel) to compare against the maximum allowable hours for that date range, etc.