- Export Schedules & Shift Information Data

Export Schedules & Shift Information

NOTE to Mac users: You may need to Export and save to a CSV file to open in Excel
Note: Only paid accounts can export. 
You can export weekly shift information from each weekly schedule view. 

Most weekly schedule view exports (Calendar Weekly, Sortable List, Graphical) include the Helper, position, shift begin and end times, per shift.
regular export

The By Helper schedule view Export will include Helper daily hours totals:
export employee view

The Availability/Coverage schedule view Export includes hourly or quarter hour totals of how many are scheduled.
export availability coverage

The Statistics schedule view Export includes the Helper name and total hours helped for the week.
export statistics

The Reports section includes "Custom Reports" and creates exports based on date ranges and what you want to include so that it can be used in other programs.

You also can Export your Helper data from the Helper List page.

If you have trouble opening an exported file, try saving it to your computer first and then opening it with your other program.

To Export Shift Information from a Weekly Schedule:
From any weekly Schedule View:

  • On the top menu, choose SCHEDULES 
  • Navigate to the week you want to export
  • Click the Export button
  • Type the Filename you want to create 
  • Choose the format you want to export 
    • Excel Spreadsheet (.XLS) 
    • XXML 
    • Comma Separated Values (text .csv) 
    • DIf-file (Data Interchange Format) 
    • LOTUS 1-2-3 (WKS-file) /LI>
    • Quattro Pro (WQ1-file) 
  • Click the Create Export button 
  • When prompted, specify where on your computer to save the file. 
export schedule and shift details