-Export to Outlook (VCAL)

Export to Outlook - VCAL for Helpers

To view shifts in Outlook, the recommended method is to set up an Export to Google Calendar, then sync Google with your Outlook. This can be done by coordinators and helpers and ensures that the shifts are updated when schedules change or new shifts are published.

Another option for Helpers is for them to manually download their own schedule for one week at a time using the "VCAL - Export to Outlook" link on their "My Schedule" page. After creating a file that contains all their shifts for the week, they can use their Outlook program and choose "Import" and then designate the filename of the file they created. Each helper must create the export file from their account for each week manually. There are step by step instructions for helpers on how to download a VCAL export file on the Helper's Help file at: http://www.when2work.com/emphelp/eh-vcal.htm. Using this method, their shifts are NOT updated if they change and they need to download every week.

We recommend always viewing the schedule data online through your account, either via the regular or mobile sign in, to be sure that you are viewing the most up-to-date schedule information.