EXPORT - Helper Details

Note: Only paid accounts can export. 
You can export the details you have entered for your Helpers using the Helper List page.

NOTE to Mac users: You may need to Export to a CSV and save the file to open in Excel.

If you have trouble opening an exported file, try saving it to your computer first and then opening it with your other program.

To Export Helper Information:
From any page: 

  • On the top menu, click HELPERS 
  • Optional - filter the view to only include Helpers for certain positions, groups, or locations 
  • Click the Export button 
  • Type the Filename you want to create 
  • Choose the format you want to export 
    • Excel Spreadsheet (.XLS) 
    • Comma Separated Values (text .csv) 
    • DIf-file (Data Interchange Format) 
  • Click the Create Export File button 
  • When prompted, specify where on your computer to save the file. 
export helper details