SETTINGS > Billing - Create Invoice

If you require an invoice, you can create one from your Settings page.

In the top menu, hover over SETTINGS and choose Payments-Pricing-Billing

create invoice

STEP 1: Enter the maximum number of Helpers you anticipate during the duration

STEP 2: Choose a duration option. The further ahead you pay, the lower the effective cost per month.

STEP 3: Click the Create INVOICE or the Create QUOTE button

You can then add additional information to the Invoice (P.O. number or comments, etc.) and click the Create Invoice or Create Quote button.

Your printable invoice or quote will be displayed. You can then print it, save it to your computer, or email it to your Accounts Payable department. You also can send them a one page payment information PDF:

Note: You can also set up your Accounts Payable department's email address in your SETTINGS>My Notifications tab so that they are notified 45, 30 and 10 days before the account will expire.