Paying Online

Paying Online by Credit Card

To make a payment online by credit card, you can sign into your Coordinator account (or any linked account) and use our secure payment system from the SETTINGS>Payment-Pricing-Billing page.

paying online

To create an invoice and/or pay for your account:

From any page:
  • In the top menu, hover over SETTINGS and choose Payment-Pricing-Billing

    • STEP 1: Type in the maximum number of Helpers you expect to have and the time period you will be paying for 

    • STEP 2: Choose a duration option

    • STEP 3: (optional) Click the Create an Invoice button to create and print an invoice for your records. Enter any information to have added to the Invoice and print

    • STEP 4: Click the Pay ONLINE button

To pay for your subscription online:

  • Enter your billing and payment information 
  • A confirmation of your payment will be immediately emailed to you and your expiration date will be automatically updated