**What is a Group Administrator?

When Helpers are NOT shared across locations, you may create separate WhenToHelp accounts that are linked for billing purposes only. This might be useful for those scheduling separate locations where you do not want helpers to see shifts for the other locations. One payment must be made to cover the total combined Helpers across all linked accounts.

When you create a linked accounts (from your top menu by choosing SETTINGS>Create a Linked Account) this automatically creates a group. If you like, there can be ONE person appointed as a "Group Administrator" who can have a special sign in that allows them to click through to each linked account in "read only" mode to view the accounts as the Main Coordinator sees them. The Group Administrator can also run some reports to include one or all accounts and has complete control over who is added or removed as Main Coordinator on each account. So they are given complete control over all linked accounts.

If you are setting up linked accounts and know that you will be the Group Administrator, it may be better to make yourself the Main Coordinator on all the linked accounts. Otherwise, if you later need to be set up as the Group Administrator, we will need to have an authorization from each of the account Main Coordinator approving the appointed person and acknowledging that they will have access to all their account data and messages.  They would then have control over who is added or removed as the Main Coordinator on their account.