Your Organization Bulletin Board

WhenToHelp provides (at no extra cost) the use of your own organization Bulletin Board. Coordinators can post bulletins and have them remain posted for up to 1 year. You also can allow your helpers to post bulletins to the Bulletin Board. To stop helpers from posting bulletins, go to your SETTINGS>Global Helper Permissions page and change that option to No.

The Bulletin Board is viewable by coordinators and helpers and when any user signs in, they are notified in their "What's New" section if there are any bulletins on the board that they have not yet viewed. Each user can also set their My Notifications section to receive an email or text message when a new bulletin is posted.

The Main Coordinator can also edit/delete any bulletin.

bulletin board

To view/add a bulletin to the Bulletin Board:

  • From the top menu, hover over MESSAGING and choose View Bulletin Board to go to the Bulletin Board section
  • To add a new entry, click the Add Entry button
  • You can set when the bulletin will start appearing and for how long (up to 1 year), the color, and whether it is high priority (will always appear at top of entries).

To edit any bulletin: (Main Coordinator only)

  • Click the Edit button for the entry and make changes and click Save

To change your Bulletin Board option to allow/disallow Helpers to post entries on the Bulletin Board: