- Change Template

Change a Saved Template (Edit a Template)

Once you have saved a template, you can open it, make changes, and re-save it. To do this, navigate to an empty schedule week in the past, Import the template, make changes to it, and re-save it with the same name. You can then delete the shifts in the past week to set it back to empty.

To make changes to a Template:
From any weekly Schedule View: 

  • Navigate to any empty UnPublished week (one that has no shifts in it) in the past
  • Click Import to open the Import Shifts window
Import week template

  • In the "Select Saved Template" dropdown, choose the template you want to change 
  • Click the Import WEEK button (or Import DAY if you are changing a day template). Your schedule will now display the shifts in your Template.
  • Make the changes to your shifts, and when all changes are made, click Save Template to open the "Save as Template" window
overwrite template

  • Choose the template name from the dropdown (ex. Holiday)
  • Click Save WEEK (or Save DAY if changing a day template)
  • Be sure to use Clear/Delete to change the previously empty week back to being empty
Your template is then changed and will show the changes the next time you Import it. Changing a template has no effect on previously imported weeks.