- View Helper Details

View Helper Details - Info, Schedules, Time Off (Approved & Denied)

Helper details are always one click away on most pages. If you click the Helper name, the Helper Details window opens. The List Helpers grid also allows you to see an overview of the helper information.

To view more details, click the magnifying glass next to the Helper name.

Helper details

These tabbed pages show all the Helper information, their weekly and monthly individual help schedules, recent notifications, recent trade activity, and their help time preferences and time-off. The help Schedule/Preferences section includes navigation so that you can move back or forward by a week or month.

You also can use the link on the Schedules - Preferences tab to email the Helper their schedule. Sending schedules from this page does not affect the status tracking icons.

helper details schedule preferences

helper details time off

To edit any of the Helper information - Coordinators with permission can use the Edit Helper button in the top right of View Helper Details pages.