**- Differentiate groups

Can I differentiate between groups of Helpers? Ex. Full time vs. Part Time?

You can designate your full time vs part time Helpers in a number of ways, depending on your needs:
  1. If you simply want to visually see who is part time vs full time when you are manually assigning shifts, you could edit the Helper names to include a part time designation, like "Jane Doe (PT)" so you can easily tell when looking at the Helper names whether they are full time or part time.

  2. If you are just wanting the ability to filter to show full time or part time helpers and their shifts on the schedules, you can create Positions for "Full Time" and "Part Time" - then check off the proper position for each Helper. Then at the top of the schedule views or the Helpers List page, you can change the Positions dropdown menu to only display one group or the other.

  3. If your part time Helpers are simply restricted to fewer hours but can still help the same positions as your full time Helpers, then edit the Helpers' "maximum hours per week" and "maximum hours per day" fields to reflect the appropriate number of hours the part time and full time Helpers can help.
  4. If your part time Helpers are restricted to only help for certain types of shifts, or not all the shifts a full time Helper can help, then you can create different Positions for your part time jobs vs your full time jobs and edit each Helper's record to allow the part time Helpers to only help for the part time type Positions and the full time Helpers to allow them to help for either just the full time type Positions or both full time and part time Positions (depending on your situation).

  5. If you want to use AutoFill and give your full time Helpers first choice of the assignments before the part time helpers are considered, you can set the part time Helpers to a different "priority group" (say 2 or 3 ,etc.) and then use AutoFill "By Priority Groups" to have your full time Helpers with priority group 1 assigned before the group 2 and 3, etc. are assigned. You can read more about editing Helpers here.