**What Happens If Delete Helper?

What happens when I delete a Helper?

When you delete a Helper, their past shift assignments and Helper information remain in your account for historical purposes, but they are automatically unassigned from any future shifts and are then not listed in the regular Helper's list.

So if you have a future shift that was assigned to that deleted helper, that shift will be set to Unassigned. You can click on it to assign to a new Helper. The past assignments of the deleted Helper remain for historical purposes, but you can always click on that past shift to delete or reassign it if that deleted Helper did not help it or you want to remove it from your account.

You can view shifts for a deleted Helper using any schedule view that is not listed by Helper, ex. Calendar Weekly or Graphical sorted by position, or By Position, etc. or by going to the HELPERS>Deleted Helpers page and clicking the deleted Helper's "Shift List" link.

You also can view information about a deleted Helper by using the Search button found on most schedule views.

Deleted Helpers can be restored from the HELPERS>Deleted Helpers page by Coordinators with permission to add/delete Helpers.