Text Messages To Me

Text Message Notifications Sent to Me

If a user has a cell phone and service that allows receipt of text messages, they can sign in at WhenToHelp.com and set up when to be notified by text message. To set up your text notifications, you need to know your "text message address" which is usually the cell phone digits @ the cell carrier's domain address. The best way to know your address is to send a text from your phone to your email and then note the "from" address. Once the text message address has been added, a special PIN is sent to that address that must then be entered into our system to verify the address is correct.

Coordinators can set their own notices and choose from the following notifications on the SETTINGS>My Notifications page.

text messages to me

Coordinators can enter their text message verification PIN on their SETTINGS>My Notification page.

We do not charge to send, but the recipient may be charged to receive text messages - note that some of the notification options could generate a lot of text messages - so choose carefully and be sure to check the carrier's charges and limitations before setting up. It is always best to have each user set up their own text message notifications.

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Wireless Service Providers - below is a list of likely email addresses for common carriers.
Where the address says "number", use the digits of your cell phone number.
Please contact your cell phone service provider to find out your text message email address if you have trouble.

Aliant (NBTel, MTT, NewTel, and Island Tel) number@wirefree.informe.ca
Alltel number@message.alltel.com.
Ameritech (ACSWireless) number@paging.acswireless.com
ATT number@txt.att.net
AU by KDDI username@ezweb.ne.jp
BeeLine GSM number@sms.beemail.ru
Bell Mobility Canada number@txt.bellmobility.ca
Bellsouth number@bellsouth.cl
BellSouth Mobility Goes to number@blsdcs.net
Blue Sky Frog number@blueskyfrog.com
Boost number@myboostmobile.com
Cellular South number@csouth1.com
CellularOne (Dobson) number@mobile.celloneusa.com
CellularOne West number@mycellone.com
Cincinnati Bell number@gocbw.com
Cingular number@mobile.mycingular.com
Cingular Blue (formerly AT&T Wireless) number@mmode.com
Cingular IM Plus/Bellsouth IPS @imcingular.com
Cingular IM Plus/Bellsouth IPS Cellphones@mobile.mycingular.com
Claro number@clarotorpedo.com.br
Comviq number@sms.comviq.se
Dutchtone/Orange-NL number@sms.orange.nl
Edge Wireless number@sms.edgewireless.com
EinsteinPCS / Airadigm Communications number@einsteinsms.com
EPlus number@smsmail.eplus.de.
Fido Canada number@fido.ca.
Golden Telecom number@sms.goldentele.com
Idea Cellular number@ideacellular.net
Kyivstar number@sms.kyivstar.net
LMT sername@sms.lmt.lv
Manitoba Telecom Systems@text.mtsmobility.com
Meteor number@sms.mymeteor.ie
Metro PCS number@mymetropcs.com
Metrocall Pager number@page.metrocall.com
MobileOne number@m1.com.sg
Mobilfone number@page.mobilfone.com
Mobility Bermuda number@ml.bm
Aliant (NBTel, MTT, NewTel, and Island Tel) number@wirefree.informe.ca
Netcom number@sms.netcom.no
Nextel 10digits@messaging.nextel.com
NPI Wireless number@npiwireless.com.
O2 (formerly BTCellnet) username@o2.co.uk.
Orange@orange.net. You will need to create a user account at orange.net first.
Pacific Bell Cingular@mobile.mycingular.com
Pagenet number@pagenet.net.
PCS Rogers number@pcs.rogers.com. Requires prior registration with PCS Rogers.
Plus GSM Poland number@text.plusgsm.pl.
Powertel number@ptel.net
Primtel number@sms.primtel.ru
PSC Wireless number@sms.pscel.com
Qualcomm username@pager.qualcomm.com
Safaricom (from: 15, msg: 160, total: 160)
Goes to@safaricomsms.com
Satelindo GSM @satelindogsm.com
SCS-900 @scs-900.ru
Simple Freedom@text.simplefreedom.net
Smart Telecom@mysmart.mymobile.ph
Southern Linc@page.southernlinc.com
Sprint PCS@messaging.sprintpcs.com
Sprint PCS - Short Mail@sprintpcs.com
SunCom number@tms.suncom.com.
SureWest Communications number@mobile.surewest.com
SwissCom Mobile number@bluewin.ch
T-Mobile Germany number@T-D1-SMS.de
T-Mobile Netherlands number@gin.nl
T-Mobile UK number@t-mobile.uk.net
T-Mobile USA number@tmomail.net
T-Mobile USA (Sidekick) username@tmail.com
Tele2 Latvia number@sms.tele2.lv.
Telefonica Movistar number@movistar.net
Telenor number@mobilpost.no.
Telia Denmark number@gsm1800.telia.dk.
Telus Mobility 10digits@msg.telus.com.
The Phone House number@sms.phonehouse.de.
TIM number@timnet.com.
UMC number@sms.umc.com.ua
Unicel number@utext.com
Verizon Wireless number@vtext.com.
Verizon Wireless (formerly Airtouch) number@airtouchpaging.com. This is ONLY for former AirTouch customers. Verizon Wireless customers should use Verizon Wireless instead.
Verizon Wireless (myairmail.com) number@myairmail.com.
Virgin Mobile Canada number@vmobile.ca.
Virgin Mobile USA number@vmobl.com.
Vodafone Italy number@sms.vodafone.it
Vodafone Japan (Chuugoku/Western) number@n.vodafone.ne.jp
Vodafone Japan (Hokkaido) number@d.vodafone.ne.jp
Vodafone Japan (Hokuriko/Central North) number@r.vodafone.ne.jp
Vodafone Japan (Kansai/West -- including Osaka) number@k.vodafone.ne.jp
Vodafone Japan (Kanto/Koushin/East -- including Tokyo) number@t.vodafone.ne.jp
Vodafone Japan (Kyuushu/Okinawa) number@q.vodafone.ne.jp
Vodafone Japan (Shikoku) number@s.vodafone.ne.jp
Vodafone Japan (Touhoku/Niigata/North) number@h.vodafone.ne.jp
Vodafone Japan (Toukai/Central) number@c.vodafone.ne.jp
Vodafone Spain username@vodafone.es
Vodafone UK username@vodafone.net
Weblink Wireless@airmessage.net