Add Your Helpers

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Add helpers and set which Positions they can help (You can add other helper details now or later). All that is required is a first name or initials and the positions they can be scheduled for. All other information is optional.

Note: you can also upload helpers

To ADD Helpers
From any page: 

  • In the top menu, click HELPERS 
  • Click the Add New Helper button 
add new helper

  • Enter a first and last name (or initials, nicknames, etc.) and check off the positions they can be scheduled for.
  • Click the Add Helper button. 
  • You will see confirmation that the helper was added and the window will remain open for you to add another helper.
  • Click Close when you are finished adding helpers and refresh/reload the page (Ctrl F5) to update it.

additional calendars, multiple locations, multiple departments