Enter Availability for the Staff

Where do I enter my staff's availability?

Helpers usually sign in and enter their own help time preferences (when they prefer to help, or when they prefer not to help).  You can also allow them to enter their own “Cannot Help” times by allowing that options on your SETTINGS>Global Helper Permissions page.

These preferences can be used later by AutoFill to create the best help assignments each week. 

Helpers can also sign in and request "Time Off" which you as the Coordinator can approve or deny. Approving time off removes them from any conflicting shifts automatically.

If you prefer to enter all Cannot Help times yourself, you can do so by clicking the helper name to open the Helper details page and then on the second tab, Schedules - Permissions, you can first click to enter their Repeating Weekly Preferences. Set those days and times that are their regular preferences, and then if you have preferences for a specific date that is different, you can click the button to Set Date Specific Preferences.

Note:  WhenToHelp does not create shifts based on Helper preferences, it assigns shifts based on those preferences.