Printing & Exporting

Printing the schedule

WhenToWork provides twelve different ways to view your schedule and each one includes a print button that brings up a "printer friendly" version. You can print a daily, weekly, multiple week, or monthly view of your schedule. More >

Printing for a specific date range

You can create reports with details about your shifts for a date range in the Reports section. More > 

Printing or Exporting Employee data

You can print or export any of your Employee information from the Employee List page. More >

Printing Employee Work Time Preferences

Since preferences change constantly, we do not recommend that they be printed. You can view an employee's preferences for any week on their employee details page. Also, when you click any shift to find an employee, you can see each employees' preferences for that particular time in the list. More >

Exporting data for backup or for use in another program

You can export the schedule from any schedule view page or export for a specified date range using the Reports section. More >