Send or Print Sign In Instructions

Send Helpers their Sign In Instructions
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All helpers you add at WhenToHelp are automatically assigned a unique temporary username and password. To inform helpers about their username and password and where to sign in, you can either print sign in instructions for them, or have the instructions sent to them by email (either send to all helpers who have not yet signed in or to an individual helper).

The first time a helper signs in, they are taken through a "welcome wizard" that helps them choose their new username and password and other account settings.

To EMAIL Sign In instructions to ALL helpers who have never signed in:
From any page:

  • Hover over HELPERS in the top menu and choose Email Sign In Instructions which will take you to that tab in the messaging section
  • Click the "Email Instructions" button
  • In the window that pops up, click the Send Now button
Send sign in instructions to everyone

To EMAIL Sign In instructions to an INDIVIDUAL Helper:
From any page:

  • In the top menu, choose HELPERS 
  • Click on the pencil icon pencil icon next to the employee name Edit Helper window 
  • Click "EMAIL Sign In" in the upper right to immediately send sign in instructions to this helper (you will see a confirmation that the email was sent)

Email sign in instructions by helper

To PRINT Sign In instructions for an Individual Helper:
From any page:

  • Note that printing a helper's sign in instructions will cause their current password to be reset to a new temporary password
  • Click HELPERS in the top menu to go to the List Employee page 
  • Click on the pencil icon pencil icon next to the employee name
  • Click the "Reset & PRINT Sign In" link
  • Click OK to bring up a printable page and your printer dialog window 
    (Note: only coordinators with permission to edit helpers can see print sign in instructions)
Print sign in instructions